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I am a Texas photographer with a small town Indiana heart. I specialize in Commercial Work that includes': Construction, Wedding, Landscape and Concert photography. I understand that I must capture your special moments with a combination of classic portraits along with contemporary photojournalism, while using digital media to produce the highest and best quality images. 

Little about me, I am a single mother trying to figure out how to raise teens here in Grapevine, Texas! I attend the University of Texas at Arlington obtaining degrees in Fine Art Photography, Fine Art Glass and Business Marketing. I am a Gallery Marketing Manager at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Fine Art Gallery.

I have always been the weird girl thinking outside the box and doing something creative. My interest in photography began at the age of seven when I can remember snapping a Polaroid camera in my father's living room back in South Bend, Indiana. Since then many years have passed and I have been able to move strongly into the digital world of photography where I can capture moments like those that are so quickly gone forever.

I hope with the skills God has instilled in me and with his direction I can see your world through my eyes. I am Lindsey, 39 years old and looking fearlessly into the glass, capturing images and living in my wonderful world as an Artist!

Newfound Passion for Photography!

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Lindsey Barker - Fine Art Bio

Lindsey is part of the Vetro Team holding the Gallery Manger position. Lindsey’s art work has been defined as: “Fearless, Expanding, Emotional, and    Storytelling”… Lindsey’s current body of work represents her exploration of new colors, surfaces, heat, form and imagery. These pieces express her interest in both properties of glass and photography and her relationship with the internal body.  Lindsey has studied Fine Art Photography, Glass Blowing and Kiln Form Glass and now her goals are to challenge these three mediums together to tell more of her story.

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