Grapevine My World!!!

So many wonderful things have taken place in my life! My glass world is turning into 80 percent marketing, which I love! The challenges of learning new programs and the business market world as it changes daily is very exciting and keeps me on my toes (ADHD-IN-THE BOX)! I recently photographed a wedding at the Bionically Gardens in Fort Worth, in the Japaneses gardens. It truly humble me! I had to stop, think, and breath! I had to think about the lighting, the surrounds, the clients, and their special day! As I prayed to God that he helps me figure out the settings on my camera, which I used a millions times before, but this very day for one slit second, I could not get the camera to do what I needed to at the time! With God's help, I felt the wispier in ear, "breath you got this!" just like that it happen, every picture I took, worked; it was like God took over! I was ready for him to do so! I have shot several times since then, just for fun. I can't seem to even get back to that very moment I felt that day, (I guess that is Gods way of saying, "Your in my hands, trust me!)" At this point in my life I no longer have a plan! I no longer know what is going on or what will to happen day by day, but I know God is in charge of my art, my life, and I am ready to shine!